Smart gentlemen are well aware that the best form of investing is investing into their grooming and image.

At Man´s Place we put the gentleman onto center stage, as he profits from our well rounded range of grooming services which focus specifically on the well-being of the modern man.

The attractive advantages of your investment will please you

Attractive self-improvement: gromed hair and beard, groomed hands and feet,  cleansed and refreshed skin, relaxed body etc.

Additional advantages: well-being, attractiveness, more business success as well as success in your private life etc.


Barbering “Traditional hair and beard care”

Let us take care of your beards grooming needs with impeccable results as we aim to support your ongoing beard projects.

Not into the beard trend? Do you prefer a clean shaven look? We`ve got you covered as you unwind with our professional traditional hot towel shave.

An excellent haircut remains at the forefront of maintaining a professional image for the modern gentleman. A successful gent understands the impact of a solid hairstyle choice to enhance his image.


& PEDICURE“Groomed hands are your best business card”

Pay particular attention to the grooming requirements of your hands. Basic or premium manicure – after we´ve taken care of your fingers and nails, you´ll be more eager to shake hands during that big business deal.

Our pedicure entails a combination of a comfortable treat for your feet as well as the perfect result. You profit from our indulgence-package and your feet are ready for any situation life throws at them.


FACIALS“Lasting results”

Do not neglect  your skin´s needs and do not jeopardize your valuable resource – your face. We offer facial care for all skin-types and tailor our facials for you individually.

Our facial treatments are as uncomplicated and results-oriented as our discerning male clientele.


HAIR REMOVAL« You'll feel sexy »

Sugaring and waxing are efficient ways of removing your hair for your discerning gentleman in all areas of the body where unwanted hair troubles you.

The results are smooth skin with lasting results.

Smooth skin ensures you look younger and highlights your muscle-tone.

All our hair removal treatments include aftercare for the skin´s enzymes, to ensure longer lasting results.


MASSAGE“You´re in capable hands”

Whether vitalizing, relaxing, or boosting – every massage at Man´s place feels rejuvenating and leads to the relaxation of body, mind and soul. We consider your individual needs and offer a varied repertoire of massages.

Classic full body or upper body massage – for those who enjoy regular massages

Nourishing back massage – a no-brainer for your globetrotting traveler and physical worker. Also works well as a business break massage.

Sports-massage – for avid sportsmen and active gents


GROOM & GROOMSMEN SERVICE“A new take on a Bachelor party”

We cater to you and make sure you look absolutely spotless on the most important day of your life. With our “upgrade package” you´re in safe hands.

Do you prefer bringing the lads along? Then feel free to book and come through to take advantage of our “All inclusive”  offer.  A Man´s Place exclusive offer.

Start your bachelors party with a healthy dose of total grooming and then some (beverages of your choice etc. – contact us to arrange the details)


GIFT VOUCHERS“The ideal gift for every gent”

Our Man´s Place voucher is ideal for every event and for every gent.

We´ll gladly issue you with a voucher for any specific grooming service and treatment or with a voucher to an amount of your choosing.

Surprise the gentleman in your life with one of our vouchers and he´ll have the time of his life at Man´s Place.

*Vouchers are available in store


ABOUT US“Place to be”

At Man´s Place in Zurich´s Seefeld area, we´re taking your visit to a male grooming club completely to the next level.

We offer luxury, comfort and style whilst you´re enjoying a personalized grooming experience.

Enjoy your stay amongst unique ambiance which tastefully combines elegant 1960´s design and modernity.

Are you pleased with our range of services? Then become a VIP-member of Man´s Place Grooming Club and enjoy unlimited visits for the whole year at a fixed price. Feel free to approach us!

“I'm a man of simple tastes. I'm always satisfied with the best.” – Oscar Wilde

Compare our memberships

Pedicure-1 x monthly classic2 x monthly Premuim

Manicure-1 x monthly classic2 x monthly Premuim

  Blue Gold Black
Haircut unlimited unlimited unlimited
Pedicure - 1 x monthly classic 2 x monthly Premuim
Manicure - 1 x monthly classic 2 x monthly Premuim
Facials - - 1 x monthly
Massage - - 2 x monthly
Gifts for friends 1 x Haircut 1 x Haircut
1 x Manicure Classic
2 x Haircut
2 x Manicure Classic
Discount on other services 10% 10% 10%
Discount on products 10% 10% 10%
Price CHF 750.00 2'750.00 9'800.00


The Barber specials

"Barber" members receive up to 12% additional total discount compared to our premium services.
Beard 24 2 x monthly CHF 905.00
Beard 48 weekly CHF 1'730.00
Shave 24 2 x monthly CHF 1'790.00
Shave 48 weekly CHF 3'420.00


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